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September 24, 2012

Pumpkin Cupcakes w/ Maple Buttercream and Pumpkin Truffles

This week’s cupcake continues to take inspiration from the same wedding, a gorgeous Fall weekend in New Hampshire, the wedding favor and the final arrival of decent fall temps in Hotlanta.

Adorable little glass juglets of pure maple syrup were the favor at the Hollywood couple’s wedding and as soon I as received my little treat, I knew instantly that the contents were not destined for a sole stack of pancakes, but for cupcakes!  Duh.  To welcome the cooling weather that at least comes in the evening and early mornings, I felt pumpkin would be an appropriate cake for the maple butter cream I planned.   And, as it happened I had just come across a cake recipe that only called for a can of pumpkin and a yellow cake mix.

While I was still home, I also came across an easy recipe for pumpkin truffles that seemed like perfect toppers and enough of a challenge to add to an otherwise simple recipe.  I forgot to copy the recipe before leaving though and had to look for a manageable one on the internet.  This one seemed to do, but I replaced the gingersnaps with vanilla wafers and added a pinch of ginger.  As you’ll see from the results, I’m not so good with the chocolate covered part, but I don’t mind when things look imperfect as these did.

Recipe for Cupcakes (if you can really call it that!)

  • One yellow cake mix – I used the Butter Recipe type
  • One can of pumpkin

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees and line cupcake tin with liners.  Mix the two ingredients together.

The batter will be much stiffer than a typical cupcake batter.  It will eventually spread and rise up in the pans, so if you want nice even tops, you might want to smooth it out a little bit first.  I did not and my cupcakes came out like little rocky mountains.  The frosting will cover it up though!

For the frosting, I used this recipe.  (Gorgeous site, btw!) The flavor was very subtle, but delicious.  If you want a stronger maple flavor you might search for a recipe that calls for maple extract instead.

For the pumpkin truffles, I followed this recipe, but would probably recommend following it exactly and using the gingersnaps.  What I loved is that it didn’t make a huge batch because I only wanted enough to top the cupcakes.

The Results…

Overall, this was a decent cupcake.  It got good reviews from everyone who ate one, so it was hard to accept praise as I don’t think it was an all-time best.  The cake had more of a muffin texture and I worried that it was a little “gummy”, but no one seemed to comment as much.  It was super sweet and the butter flavor from the mix was evident in a good way.

I loved the subtle flavor of the maple butter cream.  It had just a hint of maple.  I think it would have been worth the effort to get gingersnaps for the truffles because they needed a little more kick, but I think the overall they look great!

P.S. The cupcake wrappers were from the dollar section in Target and they stayed bright after baking!  I like how they match the flavor and season of the cupcakes.