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October 24, 2012

Atlanta Cupcake Tour: Small Cakes

After writing my first cupcakery review, I didn’t really feel good about it.  Taste is completely subjective and making a judgement about the offerings at Cloud Nine in such depth and detail has not sat right with me since.  Therefore, I’m going to keep up with the Atlanta Cupcake Tour and blogging about the delicious cupcake shops I encounter, but with less definitive judgement.  I’ve been to three cupcakeries since my first tour post…here goes!I ended up at Small Cakes because I found myself with just enough time left on my Zipcar reservation to make a stop and take the back way home from there.  But, I didn’t quite have enough time to really look at the menu and make a careful selection.  In fact, it wasn’t until after I ordered that I realized they had more cupcakes than what appeared on cake stands on the counter.

Another decision I made about this  tour was that I had to stick with no more than two cupcakes per visit.  I’m using vanilla or birthday cake as my standard and picking one other flavor to try.  If the shop has a house or specialty flavor, I choose that one.  If not, I look for the most interesting, over-the-top, or something that just looks simply divine.  The latter is what I did at Small Cakes and I choose a french toast like flavor that had maple and cinnamon.

I’d like to go back to Small Cakes again because I felt too rushed in my decisions the first time around.  The birthday cake flavor was so good, and I found out later that they do have a signature pink vanilla flavor that I feel it is my duty to try.  Plus, this shop has a rewards card program so you can earn free cupcakes!